EONS Strategic Plan

Lena Sharp


That all people affected by cancer across Europe will benefit from the care of well educated, well informed and highly competent cancer nurses, who will play a central role in providing support, promoting health and improving clinical outcomes.


Working in partnership to develop and promote excellence in cancer nursing practice through education, research, leadership and support to cancer nurses across Europe.


Our values are that we are an inclusive and credible organisation, which aims to provide effective and practical support to all members across Europe.

The strength of EONS comes from its co-operation with a range of multidisciplinary organisations with which it collaborates to optimise the nursing contribution to cancer care in Europe. The Society recognises the diverse aspects of nursing across Europe and strives to work towards equitable basic training and continuing education for nurses in the area of cancer nursing. The activities of EONS are directed toward empowering cancer nurses to attain due recognition as specialists.

The strategic C A R E plan

The EONS Board reviewed and updated the Strategy during the EONS Board meeting in February 2013. The review focused on assessing the changing educational needs of cancer nurses and the changing environment in which they work. The EONS Board agreed that the existing CARE strategy remained valid and addressed members’ needs.

The CARE strategy is based on:

  • Communication
  • Advocacy
  • Research
  • Education

The CARE strategy provides the Board with a framework within which activities can be developed that will deliver benefit to members. By these means the CARE plan ensures that EONS’ mission is delivered.

The Board also agreed that activities should be agreed that go beyond the existing terms of office of the current Board. In addition to these long-term goals, short-term annual targets were agreed.

For 2015-2016 EONS will strengthen its political voice and impact across Europe. This agenda will be vigorously pursued through its executive board, its working groups, and the EONS management team.

EONS has one working group for each of the four strategic CARE areas: Communication; Advocacy; Research and Education. The terms of reference, objectives, activity plans and members of each Working group can be found at the working and task groups page.

The amended strategic plan is shown below.


Promoting a sense of community amongst cancer nurses across Europe is a central aim of the work of EONS and communication is central to this process. Communities commonly have shared values, goals and experiences and we believe cancer nurses benefit from having a shared voice and a focus for their individual and professional ambitions through EONS. By communicating effectively we will ensure that nurses are able to access relevant information and support as well as share their concerns and achievements. As a result EONS will promote collaborative working with our members, associated societies, user group representatives and supporters for the benefit of all.

The communication working group

EONS communicates regularly with its members through a variety of tools and services.

The monthly newsletter is emailed direct to members and provides the latest updates on European news, events, projects as well as other useful information sources. The quarterly magazine examines a different theme in each edition, providing a library of resources that builds with time. The magazine can be downloaded direct from this site. EONS hosts a specialist congress each year. In odd numbered years EONS develops its Spring congress; this European nursing event moves from country to country around Europe and provides specialist workshops addressing nurses unique training needs in the areas of research and clinical practice. In even numbered years EONS nurses develop the Oncology Nursing Track programme for the European Multi-disciplinary Cancer Congress programme as well as contributing the nursing voice to the Symptom Science, Onco-Policy and Education Tracks.


EONS promotes nursing in European health policy, raising awareness of the role of oncology nurses in the delivery of high quality cancer services. The society promotes leadership at European, national and local level to strategically influence, health care delivery and the development of nursing within cancer care.

EONS is one of the 6 founding member societies that form part of ECCO. The annual congress has recently been renamed as EMCC (European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress). The organisation provides a collective political voice in Europe. EONS is also a member of several other organisations, such as ESNO (European Specialist Nurses Organisation) which consists of associations from both European Nursing Specialist and Nursing Interest Groups, and UICC. EONS has MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with several organisation, such as ISNCC, ONS,ECPC and MASCC.






Promoting evidence based clinical practice through research has always been a core function of EONS. EONS aims to ensure that the profile of oncology nursing research is increased throughout Europe and encourages practitioners to become researchers with support in funding, mentoring, publication and dissemination of results.

Various grants are distributed through EONS to promote and facilitate research initiatives. One of the priorities is to develop an European cancer nursing research network which will enable wider collaboration, participation and sharing of research evidence as well as build a body of research and development expertise.

EONS has an official research journal, the European Journal of Oncology Nursing (EJON), which is published five times a year.







Education is very important in Oncology since treatment, prevention, detection and late outcomes are moving forward. EONS is committed to educational initiatives which enable cancer nurses to develop new skills and knowledge for practice, relevant to 21st century cancer care.

EONS should share expertise in relation to educational expertise and practice development and support clinical initiatives that promotes education.

EONS educational projects, toolkits and guidelines offer cancer nurses practical evidence and guidance on best practice, which can be used to improve quality outcomes for patients.

In short, EONS ensures that European cancer patients and their families will benefit from the care of well educated, perceptive and proficient cancer nurses.

A key part of the work of EONS is helping cancer nurses across Europe develop their professional skills and knowledge.




EONS achieves this in a variety of ways:

Defining the nursing curriculum

EONS has been leading the development of the Post-basic Curriculum in Cancer Nursing since 1991. The fourth update of this curriculum was released in 2012. The curriculum provides a flexible framework for nurses to adapt to meet their individual and professional needs within their own country.

Education projects

EONS also undertakes a range of specialist projects, providing training and support materials to develop the skills and knowledge of nurses in Europe.

Working closely with the European School of Oncology (ESO), we contribute to teaching and hosting a number of nurses at an annual Masterclass in Oncology. We have also introduced an ESO/EONS Eastern Europe and Balkan Region Masterclass.

Places are usually advertised late each year for the following spring, so please monitor the EONS website if you are interested in securing a place.