Minutes of Advocacy Working Group

    +  Face to Face meeting minutes November 2016
    +  Face to Face meeting minutes June 2016
    +  Face to Face meeting minutes June 2015
    +  Conference call minutes 17 March 2015
    +  Conference call minutes 8 July 2014
    +  Face to Face meeting minutes 11 April 2014
    +  Conference call minutes December 2013
    +  Minutes 17 July 2012

    Terms of Reference

    The Terms of Reference document explains the objectives of the EONS Advocacy Working Group and also sets out the rules for joining and participating in the group. The current version of the document was last revised in December 2016.
    +  EONS Advocacy Working Group: Terms of Reference

    Would you like to know more?

    Would you like to learn more about the Advocacy Working Group, or are you an EONS member who is interested in joining the group? You are invited to contact the EONS Working Groups Manager, Mariska Mooijekind, via the Contact EONS page.
    +  Contact Mariska