Advocacy Working Group - Biographies

Patrick CrombezPatrick Crombez, Belgium, EONS Board Member (co-chair)
Patrick is Head Nurse of the Department of Hematology and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation at Jules Bordet Institute, Brussels, Belgium. He is Coordinator of the Nursing Cell of Evidence-based Practice and co-founder and organizer of the Biannual Meeting of Nurses in Oncology at J. Bordet Institute. He is senior lecturer in Nursing in Hematological Oncology and speaker at National and International Conferences and Congresses. He is president of the Belgian Oncology Nursing Society and co-president of the nursing committee of the Belgian Hematology Society. He is an active member of national and international organizations and has been an Executive Board Member of EONS since 2013.

Aoife McNamaraAoife McNamara, Ireland (co-chair)
Aoife Mc Namara is a registered general nurse with a bachelor of science degree in nursing and a graduate diploma in cancer care. She also holds an MSc in psycho-oncology. She works as Information Development Manager at the Irish Cancer Society. Aoife is a member of the National Executive Committee for the Irish Association for Nurses in Oncology, Co-ordinator of the Irish Lung Cancer Nurses Group and represents Ireland on the Global Lung Cancer Coalition. Special interests include psycho-oncology, lung cancer and cancer information development.

Graça BrazGraça Braz, Portugal
Graça achieved her nursing diploma in 1989, becoming a specialist nurse on “Health in the Community” in 1997. She has two Post graduations, one on ’Health Education” and another on ’Hospital Management and Administration”. She has been working on the Portuguese Oncology Institute - Oporto for 23 years, currently being the Chief-Nurse of the Outpatient Clinic. She is a member of the Portuguese Association of Nursing Oncology.

Sidsel Dragsbæk Holm, DenmarkSidsel Dragsbæk Holm, Denmark
Sidsel graduated as a Nurse in 2006 and has since been working as a Clinical Nurse in the Department of Oncology at Odense University Hospital, Denmark. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Nursing Science at the Institute of Public Health at Aarhus University. As part of her work she is involved in improving the quality of nursing care, with emphasis on palliative care and end-of-life care. Additional professional interests are patient education and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Per FesséPer Fessé, Sweden
Per primarily works in radiotherapy and quality assurance and development of cancer care. He is currently involved in Gävleborgs county with Cancer Council, rehabilitation of cancer patients and contact nurses and is also engaged in two working groups in rehabilitation and contact nurse in his Regional Cancer Center consisting of seven counties. He has been on the board of the Swedish Cancer Nurses Society, and has been President for two years. He is an Oncology Nurse and PhD student with a Masters in Health Care Science in Nursing at the University of Gothenburg.

Halldóra HálfdánardóttirHalldóra Hálfdánardóttir, Iceland
Halldóra Hálfdánardóttir has been head nurse of the inpatient Oncology Department at Landspítali in Reykjavík, Iceland, since 2012. She has worked there since 2001, first as a registered nurse and then as an assistant head nurse. She was a board member of the Icelandic Oncology nursing society from 2010 to 2016. She was an international contact member of the board and attended four EONS advisory councils in this capacity. She received her Bsc degree in nursing from the University of Iceland in 2000. She also has a diploma in oncology nursing (gained 2006) and an MSc in nursing management (gained 2010), also from the University of Iceland.

Merel van KlinkenMerel van Klinken, the Netherlands
Merel van Klinken graduated as a nurse in 2006. She has been working as a registered oncology nurse since 2009 and is currently also working as a palliative care nurse in a specialised oncology hospital. She holds an MSc in nursing sciences and is looking to improving the quality of palliative care in her own hospital setting. She’s also part of the team that analyses deaths that occur in admitted patients. As well as teaching oncology nurses, she teaches other disciplines in the hospital about palliative care. Merel is a member of the Netherlands Nursing Society and is an editorial member of the nursing magazine, Oncologica.

Johan de MunterJohan De Munter, Belgium
Johan De Munter graduated as a nurse in 2001, then worked for five years as a registered nurse on a oncology haematology ward in a general hospital. He has two postgraduate qualifications, one as a nurse specialist in pain and one in oncology. In 2006 he started work as an oncology/haematology nurse consultant and in 2010 he transferred to University Hospital Ghent to work in the oncology department. He is still working there as a nurse consultant in the haematology/stem cell transplant unit. Professional interests include patient education, supportive care needs, survivorship and AYA care. He is president of the chemotherapy working group in the Flemish society for radiotherapy and oncology nurses. He is vice-president of the Belgian Haematology Society nurses committee.

Paul TrevattPaul Trevatt, EONS Board Member, UK
Paul Trevatt is the Nurse Director for North East London Cancer Network and has a responsibility for clinical and strategic cancer nursing leadership, workforce development, education and patient partnership working and experience. He has a strong interest in specialist nursing and inequalities (specifically ethnicity) and has published and presented on both.

Theologia TsitsiTheologia Tsitsi, Cyprus
Theologia started her nursing career in 1993. She has a Bsc and Msc in Nursing Science from UK universities, an MA in Healthcare Management from the Cyprus Open University and a PhD in Oncology Nursing from the Cyprus University of Technology. She is a member of Special Teaching Staff in the Nursing Department of the CUT, on secondment from the Cyprus Ministry of Health. Her PhD was on the effectiveness of relaxation techniques in reducing anxiety in parents of children being treated for cancer. Her research interests continue to be focused on the psychological wellbeing of parents whose children have cancer.