EONS and Teenage Cancer Trust Nursing Leadership Summit Grant

EONS and the Teenage Cancer Trust

Nursing Leadership Summit Grant 2016

Prof. Daniel Kelly, EONS President
Maria Cable, Course Director- Teenage/Young Adult Cancer Care, Coventry University
Sam Smith, Head of Nursing and Clinical Services at Teenage Cancer Center Trust, London, UK

Anne Mulliner, Leadership & Coaching Expert

About this grant

EONS and Teenage Cancer Trust are holding again a Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Nurse Leaders Summit on 15 and 16 September 2016 in London, UK.

Following the success of the first EONS & Teenage Cancer Nursing Leadership Summit in Dublin in May 2014 (and the subsequent second meeting in Amsterdam Feb 2015) which drew a community of leading nurses from across Europe working with Teenagers/Young Adults (TYA) with Cancer together, a small but robust nursing leadership movement was formed. The purpose of this second cohort of nurse leaders is to offer the opportunity to a new group of nurses in leadership, or those aspiring to leadership roles. The opportunity for networking and shared experiences will be created and delegates will be able to focus on their own leadership development with facilitation from leading author Anne Mulliner, Leadership & Coaching Expert.

What is covered by the grant?

The grant will cover the cost of the event , economy flights, hotel accommodation and public transport associated with the event. The cost of bed and breakfast, 2 lunches and a dinner is also covered.

Travel and Accommodation Arrangements

Delegates are expected to book their own flights with low cost airlines, retain receipt of purchase for reimbursement by EONS. Reimbursement of public transport costs to and from the airport and venue will also be made upon submission of receipts.

Who may apply?

This grant will enable 12 nurses from across Europe to attend the event.

Those who may apply must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Be a registered nurse(s) working in Oncology in Europe.
  • Experience of working with Teenagers/Adolescents with Cancer or nurse education role related to TYA cancer.
  • Have a leadership role related to TYA cancer or aspiring to lead in this field.
  • Member of an EONS member Society or individual member of EONS, or willing to join EONS as individual member.
  • English speaking is essential.
  • Applicants must not have already attended either of the two previous Leadership Summits. We encourage previous unsuccessful applicants to apply again.

Application Process

The applications have been reviewed and the selected applicants are listed in the Further information section of this page.

Nursing Leadership Summit Grant 2014

This grant was to enable nurses to attend the EONS and Teenage Cancer Trust Nursing Leadership Summit in Dublin, Ireland in May 2014. The deadline for applications was 30 November 2013 and there were 12 successful applicants, listed in the Further Information section of this page.

The 12 grant recipients all attended the Summit and each delivered a 10-minute presentation on their own experience in the field of nursing teenagers and young adults (TYAs) with cancer along with suggestions on sharing best practice. These presentations were a condition of the grant award.

The grant covered the cost of economy travel to the 2-day Summit, accommodation and meals. It also included a tour of Trinity College Dublin.

Application conditions

To be considered for the grant, applicants were required to:

  • Be a registered nurse working in oncology care in Europe
  • Have experience of working with teenagers and/or young adults (TYAs) with cancer in a clinical role or main education role directly related to TYA cancer nurse education
  • Have a leadership role related to TYA cancer or aspire to lead in this field
  • Be an EONS member, either through their National Society or as an individual member.
  • Speak English fluently. (This was essential for participation in group sessions).