AEOP national meeting

    Graça Braz reports back on the annual congress of AEOP, the Portugese oncology nursing society, which took place in May 2013.

    The AEOP national meeting took place in Luso-Coimbra from the 16th to the 18th May.

    As a multi-disciplinary meeting, it was attended not only by colleagues from the clinical area and universities, but also by several national and foreign lecturers.

    The general topics addressed in the meeting were:

    • Young Women with Breast Cancer
    • Hemato-Oncologic Disease
    • Therapeutic Target
    • Impact of the disease in the life of the patient with cancer.

    We had two workshops before the meeting on the use of PICCs (intravenous catheters used for chemotherapy) and oncologic pain. Thirteen scientific papers were presented in the form of posters and four thematic symposia sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. 270 delegates were present to represent the different Oncology units of many hospitals in Portugal.

    There were two moments of relaxation, humour and caring, followed by dinner and disco, promoting personal and professional contacts. This event was a great opportunity to meet people and understand different realities and experiences related to Oncology in Portugal. We feel that these moments are essential for enabling professionals to share their thoughts and actions about daily clinical practice in a setting outside the workspace.

    The presence of our EONS colleague Anita Margulies, as well as a representative of the Order of Nurses, contributed to the high quality of the meeting.

    Moreover, we had special guests like Nurse Marta Lima Basto, the first doctorate (Ph.D.) nurse in Portugal, and Gloria Miluy from Diaz Foundation in Madrid. All in all, the AEOP is to be congratulated and we believe that the Portuguese Oncology Nursing Society proved to be willing to learn, develop, share and grow more, as these first steps demonstrated that we are on course.