EU Health Prize for journalists 2013

    This prestigious award is for health reporting, and every year many of the shortlisted entries are specifically about cancer.

    Mette Dahlgaard

    This year the third prize went to Mette Dahlgaard of Denmark for her story of a sperm donor who discovers he is carrying a gene that will massively increase the cancer risk of children conceived with his sperm. It relates the difficulties he encountered trying to warn those children and their families.
    +  Read “Am I Killing Someone?”

    Eimear Vize

    Eimear Vize won the Ireland national prize with her article about a young doctor diagnosed with terminal cancer.
    +  Read “Cancer - journey to the other side?”

    Magdalena Sodomková and Pavlína Wolfová

    Magdalena Sodomková and Pavlína Wolfová won the Czech Republic national prize with their article about attitudes to dying and treatment of the dead.
    +  Read “When death becomes her”

    Virve Pohjanpalo

    Virve Pohjanpalo won the Finland national prize with her article about epigenetics.
    +  Read “You are what your grandmother used to eat”

    Sandra Jégu

    Sandra Jégu won the French national prize with her article about the emotions of caregivers, including nurses, when working with terminally ill people.
    +  Read “End-of-life: Dealing with emotions”

    EU Health Prize for journalists 2012

    The EU Health Prize for Journalists is a prestigious award for health reporters. Many of the entries on the 2012 shortlist are about cancer. The high standard and variety of journalism about cancer this year is very much to be welcomed. We have selected some of the entries likely to be of most interest to cancer nurses.

    Ailbhe Jordan

    Ailbhe Jordan is news editor with the Medical Independent. She has worked for the Mail on Sunday and the Irish Echo in New York City. Her articles have appeared in numerous national and international publications and her health investigations attract wide media coverage in Ireland.

    Article: Is screening a waste of cash?
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    Inta Lase

    Inta Lase, born in 1976, graduated in Political Science and Communication from several universities in Latvia, Germany and Denmark. Her career has been devoted to political affairs and to journalism. Currently, she works for the weekly magazine “Ir” as a journalist. However, she has been combining journalism with political affairs, working in such prestigious positions as editor in chief in the Latvian Public TV, head of the Latvian State Press Department, regional election expert at the EU EAT in Libya, media analyst at the EU EOM in Nigeria and OSCE field advisor during the national elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina amongst other.

    Article: Cancer and the healthcare system
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    Patrícia Fonseca

    Patrícia Fonseca is an award-winning journalist based in Lisbon, working as a staff writer for the news magazine Visão. Since 1995 she has been traveling around the world, passionate about finding, writing and revealing a good story.

    Article: The battle to save Safira
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    Cristian Delcea

    Cristian Delcea (b. 1984) is a Romanian journalist. Between 2007 and 2009 he was a sports reporter for the newspaper Evenimentul zilei, before joining Adevarul in 2009 where he works as special reporter.

    Article: 21 days
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    EU Health Prize for journalists 2011

    There were nearly 500 eligible entries for the 2011 prize. Several of the shortlisted articles were about cancer and related topics. Oncology-related articles included:

    • Martina Folscheid, Luxembourg: Protection against bowel cancer
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    • Luís Silvestre, Portugal: The myths surrounding cancer-fighting food
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    • Paula Herlo, Romania: Lung cancer kills one Romanian every 16 minutes. Testimony of a young smoker killed by the disease
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    • Another article, Living with loss, by Romania’s Georgiana Ilie, is about the experience of losing a loved one to cancer.
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    More details can be found here:

    EU Health Prize for journalists 2010

    The articles written by the 2010 winners & finalists can be found here: +

    Included in the list are several tales about cancer as well as related topics. The articles are available in their original language as well as in English translation.

    Oncology-related articles are:
    Finalist Austria - Thank You, Margaret
    Finalist Belgium - Are we moving towards scaling things down?
    Finalist Finland - Hope conquers fear
    Finalist Germany - The cashier
    Finalist Greece - Fighters set the example
    Finalist Lithuania - Oncological illness - does it give more than it takes?
    Finalist Slovenia - Leading up to death

    Other related topics are:
    Finalist Ireland - Medicines dot-com revolution (use of cloud (IT) technology in healthcare)
    Finalist France - Healthcare without borders (practical implementation of the cross-border healthcare directive)

    EU Health Prize for journalists 2009

    The articles written by the 2009 winners can be found here:

    The articles written by the 2009 finalists can be found here: