Society Focus - September 2013
Czech Nurses Association

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The Czech Nurses Association (CNA) is the largest not-for-profit professional organization in the Czech Republic, combining all non-medical health care workers. The CNA was established in 2000 when two existing non-medical professional organizations merged. Currently, the CNA has over 7000 members. It is divided into 38 different sections and regions. One of them is the Czech Oncology Section (COS).

The COS was founded in 1986 and for many years was lead by Ms. Hilda Vorličková who played a critical role in the early years. The COS was facing multiple needs and challenges posed by a freshly developing democracy. But the creation of the COS allowed Czech oncology nurses to start building a relationship with the international nursing community, which has been very important professionally.

Today, the COS has 91 registered members. Unfortunately, the number of members has been gradually decreasing over the past few years. The COS board election took place in spring 2013. The executive board now consists of the newly elected president Ms. Darja Hrabánková-Navratilová, the vice-president Mr. Vaclav Kajaba (also past president) and five other board members. The COS can be found on the CNA website

Czech Nurses Association meeting
A meeting of the Czech Nurses Association

Main COS activities:

  1. Organizing annual conferences with an oncology focus in the Czech Republic
  2. Promoting nursing research and applying its findings to clinical practice
  3. Supporting local oncology nurses in active involvement
  4. Enhancing international professional collaboration