EONS-9 poster competition winners

The poster competition at EONS-9 attracted some very strong entries. EONS President-Elect Daniel Kelly, judging the posters, commented: “The overall quality of submissions was high and the posters demonstrated the rich variety of research that cancer nurses engage in. The three winners all address different aspects of oncology nursing that are important and deserve more attention.”

All posters were displayed during the EONS-9 Congress in Istanbul in September 2014.


Thumbnail image of first posterThe effect of picture drawing and writing on the anxiety levels of children with cancer
C. Sarı, N. Altay and E. Kilicarslan Toruner,
Gazi University Faculty of Health Sciences, Paediatric Nursing, Ankara, Turkey
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Çiğdem Sarı comments:

“Communication with children is one of the most important issues in paediatric nursing. The non-verbal communication messages of children are particularly important. Evaluation of these messages provides us with better understanding.

We wanted to understand the feelings and thoughts of children with cancer who were in hospital. Our goal was to contribute to more efficient nursing care for them. Drawing is the easiest method for children to express feelings and thoughts. Therefore we used drawing and shared storytelling techniques in their own language in our study.

The fact that this study was awarded the Best Poster Award at EONS-9 Congress will help to enable and extend the use of this method by other paediatric nurses.”

Thumbnail image of second posterPower of nursing: What makes nursing unique?
H. Komatsu and K. Yagasaki,
Keio University, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care, Tokyo, Japan
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Hiroko Komatsu comments:

“On account of nurses’ professional identity coming under threat in the context of a rapidly changing multidisciplinary environment, we were under pressure to explicitly address the uniqueness and significance of nursing. Our study stemmed from this critical situation. The findings of the study elucidate that nurses are truly committed to providing the best possible care from a patient-centred approach. This conceptual model describes the power of nursing in which nurses realise patients’ potential through a trusting relationship.

I shall treasure this award throughout my career, as will all of the oncology nurses in Japan. This recognition encourages us to be confident and proud of our profession, which involves supporting cancer patients to move forward, as the power of nursing is shared across borders.”

Thumbnail image of third posterImplementation of geriatric assessment in older cancer patients: a survey on treating physicians’ general experiences and expectations
C. Kenis, University Hospitals Leuven, Leuven, Belgium,
with P. Heeren, L. Decoster, R. Moor, T. Pepersack, G. Jerusalem, J.P. Lobelle, J. Flamaing, K. Milisen and H. Wildier
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Cindy Kenis comments:

“Since early 2000, the systematic implementation of geriatric screening and assessment is recommended in all older patients with cancer, starting from the age of 70, when a treatment decision has to be made. The presented poster gave an overview of the expectations and experiences of treating physicians according to this implementation in daily practice. Within the team making this implementation possible, the nurse is often the core member.

Winning the Best Poster Award is for me a highly appreciated acknowledgement of the importance of geriatric oncology. EONS-9 was my first EONS Congress and it will always stay in my mind as a great experience and an excellent opportunity to present our work to colleagues from all over the world.”