ISNCC 2014 report

    EONS delegates at ISNCCThis year’s ISNCC conference took place in Panama City, Panama, from 7-11 September 2014. EONS President Erik van Muilekom and Dr Andreas Charalambous, Executive Board Member (Education) had the opportunity to attend this event.

    Over 400 participants attended the conference, coming from around the globe. A broad spectrum of topics was presented at the conference covering topics such as supportive care of patients, interventions to improve the quality of life for patients that undergo BMT, caring for the caregiver, palliative care, complementary and alternative medicine and many more.

    EONS delegates at ISNCCDuring the conference a joint plenary session between EONS and ISNCC was held. The title of the session was about promoting quality nursing care from different perspectives. Our president analysed the topic from a European perspective within the scope of the European Oncology Nursing Society. Jan Ouwerkerk gave his perspective having as a point of reference the Dutch Oncology Nursing Society. Finally Dr Andreas Charalambous analysed the topic from an individualised perspective, by providing an insight to the transcultural aspect of caring for the patients with compassion.

    During this year’s ISNCC conference, EONS was also represented with its own information booth. Nurses had the opportunity to receive information and complimentary material about the Society.

    The next ISNCC conference will be held in 8-11 July 2015 in Vancouver, Canada, where we hope that the presence of EONS will be as strong as it was this year.