Israeli Oncology Nursing Society: annual congress 2015

    Dr. Ilana Kadmon and Livia Kislev give an update on the congress and other recent events.

    On 17 June 2015 we celebrated (it is a true day of celebration) our annual conference of the Israeli Oncology Nursing Society with an attendance of almost 400 oncology nurses, in many areas of care and from around all the country.

    The plenary included a special presentation dedicated to ethical issues and involved topics such as the right of patients to make decisions about their own death while there are still coherent, according to the unique “The Israeli Dying Patient Law” (2005). Later we had four concurrent sessions which included bone marrow and transplantation, paediatric oncology, haematology and a collaborative session.

    The conference gives oncology nurses the opportunity to present their latest research. Also during the conference, some nurses received prizes and awards for quality of care and practice or for achievement in research.

    The conference is just part of our yearly ongoing activities, which include, for example, workshops on various issues. This year workshops covered new treatments in haematology, fertility aspects of cancer treatments, treatment compliance in cancer patients and many other issues.

    The acting board members of the Oncology Nursing Society include nine members who are elected - a very similar structure to that of the EONS board. Our journal which is entitled Oncology Nursing (“Siud Oncology”) is obviously written in Hebrew, but we have recently changed the format of the journal. It will also have abstracts of the articles in English for the international and European audience to enjoy. Anyone who is interested can just drop us a line to: and we will be happy to share any information with you.

    Written by Dr. Ilana Kadmon (breast care nurse) and Livia Kislev (Chairperson of the Israeli Oncology Nursing Society).