A Glance at MASCC/ISOO 2014

    Dr Andreas Charalambous, EONS Board member, reports on the 2014 MASCC/ISOO conference, which took place in Miami, USA, in June.

    Two EONS Board members, Past-President Birgitte Grube and Executive Board Member (Education) Dr Andreas Charalambous, had the opportunity to attend the MASCC/ISOO conference.

    Birgitte Grube and Andreas Charalambous at MASCC/ISOO 2014

    Over 800 participants attended the conference, coming from around the world, including all five continents. Participants came from different disciplines such as oncology, haematology, nursing, dentistry, radiology, surgery and many more. A broad spectrum of topics was presented at the conference covering the supportive care of patients as a result of the symptoms caused by the disease itself or its treatment (toxicities and complications). The themes included respiratory symptoms such as dyspnoea, oral symptoms such as xerostomia (dry mouth) and mucositis and many more. We also explored topics relating to the palliative care of patients at different points on the cancer trajectory.

    EONS was represented at MASCC/ISOO with its own information booth, manned by our two board members. Nurses and other healthcare professionals had the opportunity to receive information and complimentary material about the Society and its works.

    The next MASCC/ISOO conference will be held in June 2015 in Copenhagen. This upcoming conference is of particular interest to the European Oncology Nursing Society as it marks the first joint session between EONS and MASCC/ISOO. This session will be an excellent opportunity for nurses coming from different working backgrounds not only to present their work but also benefit from the shared knowledge gained in different countries in the field of supportive care.