September 2014 events: research report

    Iveta Nohavova of the Research Working Group gives an update on two September 2014 conferences: the 18th ICCN and our own event, EONS-9.

    Two important oncology nursing conferences took place in September and we hope you were able to attend either one of them. The first conference was the 18th ICCN (International Conference on Cancer Nursing by ISNCC) held in Panama City, Panama. Nearly 400 international oncology nurses from 40 different countries shared their clinical expertise and research outcomes within the conference theme “Strengthening Leadership, Unity and Compassion in Cancer Care”.

    EONS was represented at ICCN by EONS President Erik van Muilekom, Jan Ouwerkerk and Board member Dr Andreas Charalambous.

    The second important conference in September 2014 was our very own Congress, EONS-9. This took place in Istanbul, Turkey. The number of participants was similar to that of the ICCN: nearly 400 nurses, coming from over 30 countries to participate in this two-day event.

    EONS-9 was also an opportunity for two novice oncology researchers to present their research work in public for the first time. They were chosen out of over 40 applicants to receive the EONS Novice Research Dissemination Award. They presented their research work in a session entitled New Oncology Nursing Research.

    Various themes relevant to our profession were explored during EONS-9, including Lifestyle & Survivorship, Complexity of Care in Rare Cancers and Cancer Nursing Developments. Discussions and lectures were complemented with interesting workshops on e.g. How to Move Forward for Recognition of the Oncology Nursing Profession at EU Level or Managing Sexual Consequences of Cancer and its Treatments.

    Both the 18th ICCN and EONS-9 created wonderful opportunities for networking and international collaboration by exchanging ideas and experiences and hopefully contributed toward enhancing and advancing of oncology nursing care all over the globe.