EONS Cancer Nursing Curriculum

Cancer Nursing Curriculum Update

The Education Working Group has recognised a need for the EONS Cancer Nursing Curriculum to be updated. A task group of experts, led by EONS President Elect Lena Sharp, was formed in early 2016 and consists of the following members:

  • Chair: Lena Sharp (EONS President Elect)
  • Projects Manager: Iveta Nohavova

Education Working Group:

  • Patricia Fox
  • Patrick Jahn
  • Harald Titzer
  • Rebecca Verity

Other Working Groups:

  • Nuria Domenech (representative for the Research Working Group)
  • Per Fess (representative for the Advocacy Working Group)
  • Paz Fernandez Ortega (representative for the Communication Working Group)

The updated Cancer Nursing Curriculum document is expected to be available on the EONS website in January 2018.

This Cancer Nursing Curriculum Update is solely supported by EONS.

We are very pleased to inform you that the EONS Cancer Nursing Curriculum 2013 (4th edition) is now available. It has been presented at The European Cancer Congress 2013 in Amsterdam, in September where it was well received. The revised Core Curriculum is based eight modules and focuses on the adult with cancer. It can be implemented in guiding curricula development for all nursing education programs whether for nurses working in cancer centers or in general practice/ hospital settings.

The EONS Cancer Nursing Curriculum is a framework: EONS members are advised to adapt it as necessary to meet their professional needs within their country. Facilitation of the implementation of the framework is provided in an accompanying document that provides information on how to develop learning outcomes and link them to competencies.

The EONS Post-basic Curriculum in Cancer Nursing was initially developed in 1991 and was one of the first nursing initiatives to receive funding by the European Union’s Europe against Cancer (EAC) programme. The first revision of the Curriculum was done in 1998 and evolved through a consensus meeting of nursing experts. Since then, the Curriculum has been implemented widely in Europe. It was renamed the EONS Cancer Nursing Curriculum in 2013.

The expanding developments within cancer care, the widening role of the specialist nurse, and changes in educational structures were driving forces in the decision to revise and update the contents of the Curriculum in 2005 and then again in 2013. We would like to thank Sara Faithfull, Professor at Surrey University and Sultan Kav, Professor at Baskent University and EONS Past President, for their commitment in delivering this paper. Copies of the 2013 edition can be requested from the EONS Secretariat: eons.secretariat@cancernurse.eu. The PDF version is also available in the Further Information section of this page. Please acknowledge the EONS Curriculum when using it as a source for developing educational materials.

The original project was developed with funding awarded by the European Union's Europe against Cancer (EAC) programme. Updates and revisions were funded by EONS