Skeletal Care Academy

What is the Skeletal Care Academy?

Logo of Skeletal Care Academy

The Skeletal Care Academy (SCA) is an education programme developed to ensure that patients with cancer-related bone disease receive the highest stand of multi-professional care.

The most recent meeting took place in Berlin from 28-29 November 2014. It featured:

  • scientific updates from experts in the field.
  • interactive clinical case studies and workshops.
  • multi-professional breakout sessions.

SCA meetings were also held in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013. These were hosted by the Central European Cooperative Oncology Group (CECOG)

The SCA is led by a distinguished steering committee of international experts from the field of cancer-related bone disease. Represented on the SCA steering committee are oncologists, urologists, surgeons, nurses and patient advocacy groups. The steering committee provides input on the programme content and the direction of the SCA, as well as professional insight on clinical practice in bone disease.

In addition to the SCA steering committee, there are dedicated nursing and patient advocacy steering committees - each with representation on the SCA steering committee.

The SCA Meeting 2011 concluded with a panel discussion of topics that arose during the event. As one of the panel highlighted, “We have many tools and treatments available to us now. We must learn to use them more effectively.”

What does the SCA have to offer nurses?

The Skeletal Care Academy website contains a lot of educational material and resources for physicians, nurses and patients.

SCA nurse training modules and factsheets can be downloaded from the website. (You will have to enter a few details to download them, including your name and email address).

The site also has information about upcoming events around the subject of cancer-related bone disease. These photographs from the 2011 meeting give you a flavour of the workshops and presentations that took place.

Photo from Skeletal Care Academy event showing participants standing next to soft chairs

Photo from Skeletal Care Academy event showing a presenter pointing at a skeleton