What is target?

target is an educational initiative that aims to give nurses a greater understanding of the science behind targeted therapies including immunotherapies in general, and specific understanding of the use and efficacy of these therapies. Side effect management as well as special aspects of care and patient support will be addressed..

What topics does a target course cover?

  • the molecular biology of cancer
  • how new therapies are targeted at specific molecules or pathways
  • how these therapies are used in clinical practice
  • nursing considerations when caring for patients on targeted therapies
  • supporting the needs of the patients and their caregivers

How have target course materials been developed?

The rapid developments in medical oncology are affecting our daily clinical practice. Regardless of where one works, whether in larger university hospitals or private oncology practices, targeted therapies have been registered for a wide range of tumours and are rapidly being developed for others. The number of such therapeutic agents has exponentially increased over the last years so that the newer therapy regimens are often a combination of the newer therapies and the conventional chemotherapy regimens.

The original target program was geared towards EGFR /TKIs (tyrosine kinase inhibitors working on cell epidermal growth factor receptors). This sector has remained of medical importance. The position however, of other many other newly researched pathways such as VEGF, multikinase inhibitors, proteosome inhibitors and immunotherapy caused the necessity for an update in the target materials. The trend in the pharmaceutical branch towards new oral tumor therapies, although not at all new, has definite implications for nursing practice.

The policy of multipharma support also allows the content of the target material to be not only broad-spectrum, but neutral in its presentation. Nurses are involved with all drugs, all tumor entities, all patients and all health economic situations. It is the goal of EONS to give its member societies sufficient information and educational support to be able to meet the continually growing demands of the oncology health sector.

Offering a target course through your society, you will be giving your members one of the best possible courses to understand this dynamically growing treatment area and will give them the knowledge to improve care and support for patients and their caregivers.

How can I apply to participate in a target course?

target courses will be run by national oncology nursing societies which are members of EONS. With this update, application procedures will be simplified. This is currently under development.

Who should I contact to get further information about target?

Please contact the target coordinator, Rudi Briké, at EONS:

We are hoping to complete the update by late 2018 with an even more comprehensive and useful educational programme for all European nurses.

This update has been made possible by Amgen, Bayer, Merck, Novartis, Roche, Takeda and MSD.