Training Initiative on Thrombocytopenia, Anaemia and Neutropenia (TITAN)

The EONS TITAN programme is a training and education initiative designed to improve nurses’ skills and knowledge when working with patients with Thrombocytopenia, Anaemia and Neutropenia.

Over the years, EONS has worked with the National Societies to deliver this programme across Europe.

In October 2016, a task group of experts from across Europe started to work on a revision of the TITAN education programme.

Task group members:

  • Erik van Muilekom, chair, The Netherlands
  • Patrick Crombez, co-chair, Belgium
  • Johan de Munter, Belgium
  • Christine Schneider-Worliczek, Austria
  • Arno Mank, The Netherlands
  • Elisabeth Wallhult, Sweden

The updated TITAN education programme is planned to be completed in the autumn of 2017. The task group is fully responsible for the content of the programme.

EONS thanks AMGEN, TAKEDA and TEVA Pharmaceuticals for their support through an unrestricted educational grant.

The TITAN update is a joint project of EONS and EMBT.