Education working group

Next meeting

The next meeting of the EONS Education Working Group will be on 21 April 2017 in Amsterdam.

The full minutes of the 23 September 2016 meeting in Amsterdam are now available for download.

Education Working Group banner

Education WG Members:

  • Anita Margulies, (Chair), Switzerland
  • Erik Van Muilekom, (Chair), the Netherlands
  • Marjana Bernot, Slovenia
  • Maria Cable, United Kingdom
  • Cristina Correia de Lacerda, Portugal
  • Patricia Fox, Ireland
  • Patrick Jahn, Germany
  • Paula Mitchell, United Kingdom
  • Harald Titzer, Austria
  • Rebecca Verity, United Kingdom

Membership of the group lasts for two years, for both Working Group members and Chairs. Membership may be renewed twice. Membership of a Working Group therefore lasts for a maximum of 6 years.

The objectives of the working group are to:

  • Provide direction and innovation in cancer nursing practice and education for the EONS board.
  • Provide expertise to scope and evaluate areas of cancer nursing practice that require educational development and review current materials.
  • Share expertise in relation to education and practice development.
  • Support initiatives that promote cancer nursing practice through education.

The group looks forward to working together in developing opportunities for oncology nursing through education.