About the research workshops

These workshops are designed for oncology nurses who have identified an issue related to their clinical practice and would like to investigate it by carrying out a research project. Most of the nurses who attend the workshops are oncology nurses educated to degree level or above. Our 2016 workshop was designed for PhD students, who used the experience to gain advice and new perspectives on their doctoral studies.

The EONS Workshops help nurses to build the confidence and skills they need to put together a proposal for their research project, which can then be used to apply for funding.

Of course, even with an intensive workshop it is not possible to complete a research proposal in three days, so participating nurses are asked to identify a mentor who will provide ongoing advice and support to develop the full proposal. Mentors do not attend the workshop itself, but must commit to a certain amount of support.

Participants must send EONS a short progress report within three months of completing the workshop.

The call for applications for the EONS PhD Research Workshop 2018 is now open.

Reports, photos and video from our workshops

+  2016 Workshop for PhD Students in Stirling, Scotland
+  2015 Research Proposal Workshop in Amsterdam
+  2014 Research Proposal Workshop in Cyprus
+  2012 Research Proposal Workshop in Stockholm
+  2011 Research Proposal Workshop in London