In 2015, the EONS strategic aim was ‘To strengthen the EONS political voice and impact across Europe’. In the same year, the ECCO Board decided that one of its top priorities would be to encourage the recognition of oncology nursing across Europe. This led to the development of this very important and breakthrough project on recognising the value of cancer nursing. The RECaN project (REcognising Cancer Nursing in Europe) was launched on March 7, 2016. Led by EONS, it is our main focus for the next three years.

This project is divided into three stages.

  • Stage one will include a systematic review of the impact of nursing on patient outcomes and experiences. The review will draw on International evidence and will not be confined to Europe. This stage will be completed and results presented during the ECCO conference in January 2017 in Amsterdam.
  • Stage two will consist of data gathering in four contrasting case study sites (countries) in Europe where nursing is at different stages of development.
  • The final phase (stage three) will consist of engaging with the onco-policy community and ensuring that we engage them in sharing the findings from phases one and two, as well as how to promote nursing better in different political or health contexts within Europe.

This project will, throughout its trajectory, involve the EONS board members and all of the four working groups. The Research Working Group (RWG) will be chiefly responsible for carrying out the first stage, the systematic review.