Research priorities

We last conducted a Delphi survey in 2006, in order to establish research priorities for EONS. In 2012 the Research Working Group discussed the possibility of conducting another Delphi survey but decided that our research priorities should be consistent with our mission statement, values and care strategy, and that we wanted to ask our members how we could better meet their research development needs, rather than specify research topics of importance to EONS. At the 2012 Advisory Council we held a focus group with representatives from our member societies. They highlighted that they wanted more educational support for research and more opportunity to learn from experienced researchers - see overview in the Further Information section of this page.

As a result we have made available a presentation by Mary Wells, given at the 2012 EONS Masterclass, on Research in Clinical Nursing, which you can access on the Useful resources page.

We have also introduced a Research Travel Grant.

Members of the Research Working group have also considered the responses to the 2013 EONS Membership survey and have decided that there is insufficient evidence to support the setting of specific research priorities for EONS as an organisation. EONS nurses work in a wide variety of roles in a range of practice settings, and as such, their views on research priorities differ according to the nature and focus of their work.

The membership survey still provides some useful information on the importance that EONS members attach to particular research topics. When we asked whether EONS should limit funding for research to particular topics, 40% of respondents said yes, 36% said no, and 23% did not know. Those who believed we should prioritise certain topics were most likely to rate the following topics as very important:-

  • Symptom management
  • End of life care
  • Cancer survivorship

However, more than 55% of respondents also rated cancer nursing roles, psychosocial care, nursing aspects of delivering cancer therapy, and nursing aspects of diagnosis as very important.

The survey responses suggest that our members would like us to concentrate on the dissemination of research and on education for research, so we plan to strengthen these activities over coming years, as well as continuing to support existing opportunities including the major research grant, research travel grant and research proposal workshop.

The Research Working group believes that the research we fund and support should always be consistent with the vision, mission and CARE strategy of EONS.