As EONS President I would like to welcome you to our newly launched website. EONS history extends over more than 35 years and much has been achieved in this time. In that time EONS has developed as a professional organisation, a voice for cancer nursing in Europe and an important partner in multi-organisational efforts to improve the quality of cancer care, patient outcomes and patient experiences.

As EONS grows, our reach spreads to the borders of Europe and beyond. We are working to develop and promote cancer nursing as a specialism across Europe and also to improve collaboration between countries to improve nursing roles, including advanced ones, in cancer care.

These are challenging times on so many different levels and adding to these we are faced up with a Global epidemic of COVID-19. Constant endeavors to achieve cancer efficiency, lack of resources, increased numbers of patients with complex co-morbidities, polypharmarcy, an ageing population and cancer nurses shortages to name a few.

Despite the many successes throughout the history of EONS, much still remains to be achieved. This year we are celebrating the “Year of the Nurse and the Midwife” and we have all experienced nurses around the world excelling in the mist of COVID-19 pandemic. There is a momentum here where if we work together as cancer nurses, both in Europe and also with our colleagues worldwide, we really can make the changes that are needed to secure a nursing workforce prepared to meet the current and future challenges. This extends to include not only the complex patient care across the cancer continuum but also to place cancer nursing on the oncopolicy agenda, improving cancer nursing as a career and profession in light of the ever changing paradigm of healthcare.

EONS constitutes of its members, so in order to meet these ambitious goals we need your help , through the national societies, individual members, the advisory board meetings, expert working groups, EONS conferences and education activities and projects. Working together is the best way to go if we want to promote the cancer nursing environment. There is no quota to what it can be achieved.

We are doing everything we can to connect with you as members and cancer nurses in Europe. EONS provides you the unique opportunity to be part of the European family of cancer nurses. Together we can achieve our goals.


An Executive Board, Advisory Council and the Members make up the organisational structure of EONS. These three bodies collaborate to identify the goals and strategies of the Society and to implement activities which support the mission of EONS.

The Membership governs the Society through activities including voting on constitutional changes, discussion of strategic issues and nomination and election of members of the Executive Board.

How we work

Both National Society Members and Individual Members are invited once a year to approve the audited accounts of the previous year and, in an election year, vote in the Executive Board and EONS’ Presidents. The Advisory Council is composed of representatives of EONS member oncology nursing societies and is invited on an annual basis to advise on  the strategic development of the Society. .

The Executive Board acts in the capacity of trustees and conducts the affairs of the European Oncology Society (EONS) in accordance with the policies determined by the Members and the Advisory Council within the laws governing Belgian not-for-profit associations.