The EONS was founded in 1984 as “the Fellowship of European Oncology Nursing Societies”. The founding chairperson was Mrs. Rosette Poletti. EONS originally had its headquarters at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London. The EONS Secretariat is now based in Brussels and the Society is registered as a non-profit organization (A.S.B.L) under Belgian law.

EONS Presidents

Rosette PolettiRosette Poletti
President from 1984-1985

Robert TiffanyRobert Tiffany
President from 1985-1987

Elisabeth HolterElisabeth Holter
President from 1988-1990

Hansruedi StollHansruedi Stoll
President from 1991-1993

Kathy RedmondKathy Redmond
President from 1994-1997

Nora KearneyNora Kearney
President from 1997-1999

Agnes GlausAgnes Glaus
President from 1999-2001

Giel VaessenGiel Vaessen
President from 2001-2003

Jan FoubertJan Foubert
President from 2003-2005

Yvonne WengströmYvonne Wengström
President from 2005-2007

Sara FaithfullSara Faithfull
President from 2007-2009

Sultan KavSultan Kav
President from 2009-2011

Birgitte GrubeBirgitte Grube
President from 2011-2013

Erik van MuilekomErik van Muilekom
President from 2013-2015

Daniel KellyDaniel Kelly
President from 2015-2017

Daniel Kelly
Lena Sharp
President from 2017-2019


EONS has created a range of Working Groups and Task Groups to organise its activities.

The groups welcome your input and ideas on how EONS can further support cancer nursing in Europe.
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