Constitution and Bye-laws

EONS Constitution and Bye-Laws updated, September 2014

Minor amendments to the EONS Constitution and Bye-laws were agreed at the 2014 annual General Meeting held in Istanbul in September 2014. The changes were necessary to support the return of the office administration to the UK (where EONS is registered as a charity). Full members voted separately on each of the changes and approved all.

EONS members voted for the changes to our constitution at our 2014 General Meeting in Istanbul.
EONS members voted for the changes to our constitution at our 2014 General Meeting in Istanbul.

The new documents can be found below, together with the edits made.

+  Download the current Constitution
+  Download the current Bye-laws
+  Download the previous Constitution with approved edits (Microsoft Word format)
+  Download the previous Bye-Laws with approved edits (Microsoft Word format)

2009 amendments

Due to the fact that recruitment for the role of President (elect) has become increasingly difficult, it was clear there was a need to amend the EONS Constitution and Bye-Laws to resolve this practical issue. After legal consultation, minor amendments to the Constitution and Bye-Laws were proposed and agreed upon during the latest general meeting which took place in Berlin during ECCO 15-ESMO 34 in September 2009. The amendments do not alter in any way the ethos or structure of the organisation. They do, however, enable the Executive Board to introduce a limited level of flexibility into the process of appointing future Presidents, should the ideal situation (of three Presidents from 3 different countries) not be available. The amendments proposed were made by the solicitor and the process used was guided by his instruction. Following clarification of the process used at the general meeting, these minor changes have now formally been agreed at the EONS Board meeting which took place on Friday 27 November 2009. The changes were presented to the EONS Advisory Council on Saturday 28 November 2009 in Brussels.

+ Download the September 2009 Constitution

+ Download the September 2009 Bye-laws

+ Letter from the lawyer, November 2009

2006 amendments

The legal advisor has proposed that EONS approaches the Charity Commission to invite its guidance on further amending the Constitution and Bye-Laws to make them clearer and more user-friendly.

+ Download the previous Constitution from September 2006

+ Download the previous Bye-Laws from September 2006