Working & task groups

EONS has four working groups that align with its CARE strategy. The four working groups with their chairs and members are shown below:

Working Group


Communication Johan de Munter, co-Chair
Kristina Olausson, co-Chair
Carlos Fernandes Cargaleiro
Maria Dias
Stylianos Katsaragakis
Nieves Gil
Helen Oswald
Mary Tanay
Sara Torcato Parreira
Joanna Tsatsou
Charlotte Weston
Advocacy Patrick Crombez, co-Chair
Helena Ullgren, co-Chair
Graça Braz
Fernanda Conceição
Sidsel Dragsbæk Holm
Matthew Fowler
Halldóra Hálfdánardóttir
Terry Hanan
Merel van Klinken
Dimitrios Protogiros
Theologia Tsitsi
Emma Woodford (Observer)
Research Wendy Oldenmenger, Vice-Chair
Manuela Eicher, Vice-Chair
Maria Brovall
Melanie Charambous
Amanda Drury
Nikolaos Efstathiou
Manuela Eicher
Carole Farrell
Paz Fernandez Ortega
Grigorios Kotronoulas
Elisabeth Patiraki
Marlies Peters
Education Rebecca Verity, Chair
Harald Titzer, Vice Chair
Celia Diez de los Rios
Patrick Jahn
Rubén Martín
Wendy Mcinally
Andrea Necasova
Mary Nevin
Memnun Seven
Virpi Sulosaari
Debbie Wyatt

The four working groups are responsible for monitoring and reporting to the EONS Executive Board on the activities delivered by the task groups under its area of expertise.

At the 25 November 2011 Board meeting, the EONS Executive Board Members agreed each working group will continue to have two chairs, however only one would need to be an Executive Board Member. The second chair could be either an expert or a Board Member. Each working group would, however, still need to have a minimum of two Executive Board Members in its membership.

Please go to the Further Information section of this page to learn more about the responsibilities of the Working Group chairs.

The working and task groups are currently under review, and details of the group structures will be posted here when available.