Recognising the Value of Cancer Nursing in Europe:
EONS leads major Onco-Policy project

Monday 7th March 2016

EONS has been offered the opportunity to lead on a major European oncology nursing project that aims to make a real difference to oncology nursing and ultimately to patient care.

The project will be delivered over three years and ultimately the ambition will be to increase the recognition of oncology nursing across Europe using a variety of different methods including research, education, clinical leadership, nursing strategy, advocacy, and policy development.

Further details can be found in the letter attached below.
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1st European Cancer Nursing Day (ECND)

European Cancer Nursing Day is part of the Recognising Cancer Nursing in Europe (RECaN) project led by the European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) and supported by the European CanCer Organisation (ECCO).

This will be an annual event on the same date and will focus on a different theme each year, based on the strategic priorities of EONS. The inaugural European Cancer Nursing Day focuses on the role of advocacy. The aim of the European Cancer Nursing Day is to celebrate cancer nursing across Europe and advocate for the recognition of the contribution of cancer nursing at a European level, as well as emphasising the importance of appropriate education and training. Our ultimate aim is for the value of specialised cancer nursing to be recognised and for the benefit to patient care to be more widely understood.

The European Cancer Nursing Day, on May 18th 2017 will be celebrated online through Everybody is invited to join us to celebrate the contribution made by European Cancer Nurses by posting your quotes and photos through social media.