ECCO - ESMO 2009 Congress Award

This award was presented in 2009 to enable ten EONS members to attend the ECCO 15 - ESMO 34 congress in Berlin, Germany. It covered the cost of registration for nurses who might otherwise have found that cost prohibitive. National societies were invited to nominate two members each for this award.

The successful members were:

  • Anu Laul, Estonia
  • Kerstin Paradies, Germany
  • Elisabeth Patiraki, Greece
  • Carol Duggan, Ireland
  • Nurit Schneider, Israel
  • Elisabete Valerio, Portugal
  • Katarina Lokar, Slovenia
  • Lilian Smedberg, Sweden
  • Nadia Ghisletta, Switzerland
  • Mine Bulus, Turkey