EONS has created a range of grants, all with the ultimate purpose of encouraging nurses to do excellent work and improve the general standard of oncology nursing in Europe.

Each grant represents a different opportunity for a nurse to enhance their career.

The Change Champions Grant supports individual nurses who want to achieve significant, positive change in their work. The recipients for the 2016 Change Champions Grant have been selected.

The Nursing Leadership Summit Grant will pay for12 nurses from across Europe to attend a summit about leadership in the field of teenage and young adult (TYA) cancer care. Applicants for the 2016 grant have been chosen and the full list can be found on the summit grant webpage.

The Clinical Travel Grant gives nurses the opportunity to gain valuable experience from a visit to another cancer centre. The winners of the 2016 grant have been selected. There will be no grant available in 2017.

The Research Travel Grant pays for a nurse to visit an overseas cancer centre to develop a research project, enhance their own research skills or improve clinical research practice in their own country. Winners of the 2017 grant have been selected.

The Invited Speaker Grant covers the cost of an expert speaker at an educational cancer nursing event. There are two grants of up to EUR 1,000 each. The 2017 grant went to the University Hospital Heidelberg, Akademie für Gesundheitsberufe. They invited the EONS President, Daniel Kelly, as speaker during the 20th Heidelberg Congress of Oncology Nursing in June 2017.