About the EONS Magazine

An essential read for all cancer nurses

The EONS Magazine has been relaunched in digital format: http://www.eonsmagazine.eu/.

The new EONS Magazine is freely available to all EONS members. It is dynamic, interactive and easy to access and enjoy at home, at work or while travelling – on your laptop, tablet or phone. Articles can easily be bookmarked and shared with colleagues and friends.

Each issue examines a different theme, often in partnership with another closely-related cancer organisation, providing a library of resources that builds with time. The magazine also updates members on EONS’ ongoing key projects and priorities and reports on conferences and major EONS events such as the ESO-EONS Masterclass and Research Workshops.

The magazine welcomes suggestions for themes and content. It is also a perfect platform to advertise to an audience of more than 23,000 cancer nurses across Europe. Please email the Communications Manager via the contact EONS page.

The Magazine Team

  • Helen Oswald – Editor in Chief
  • Steve Rowett – Design and layout