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Access to innovation – ECCO Position Paper

Added: Saturday 19 August 2017

A major step has been taken towards improving patient access to innovation. ECCO (the European CanCer Organisation) has published a new position paper on this pressing healthcare issue.

The paper out a clear manifesto that should ultimately improve outcomes for our patients.

Recommendations include calling for:

  • Structured pathways to regularise and systemise the introduction of innovation within health systems;
  • Placing patient benefit at the heart of any valuation of an innovation, giving adequate weight to quality of life and progression-free survival;
  • Application of real world data use for assessing benefit of innovations beyond the pharmaceutical domain, for example in proposed improvements to surgical techniques and medical devices;
  • Efforts towards improving the sharing of registry data across countries via common protocols, structures and transparency;
  • Readiness to remove or discontinue practices or interventions that are inefficient.

+  Download the position paper