Communication Working Group - Biographies

Johan de MunterJohan De Munter, Belgium (Chair)
Johan De Munter graduated as a nurse in 2001, then worked for five years as a registered nurse on a oncology haematology ward in a general hospital. He has two postgraduate qualifications, one as a nurse specialist in pain and one in oncology. In 2006 he started work as an oncology/haematology nurse consultant and in 2010 he transferred to University Hospital Ghent to work in the oncology department. He is still working there as a nurse consultant in the haematology/stem cell transplant unit. Professional interests include patient education, supportive care needs, survivorship and AYA care. He is president of the chemotherapy working group in the Flemish society for radiotherapy and oncology nurses. He is vice-president of the Belgian Haematology Society nurses committee.

Kristina OlaussonKristina Olausson, Sweden (Chair)
Kristina graduated as a specialist nurse in oncology in 1996 and holds an MSc in Leadership and Management. During her 20 years as a cancer nurse she has worked primarily in radiotherapy and management and she is currently working in quality, safety and development at Aleris Specialist Care in Stockholm. Kristina is also a PhD student at the Institution of Radiation Sciences and Oncology, Umeå University. The main topic of her PhD is exploring patients’ experiences of radiotherapy. She is a board member of the Swedish Cancer Nurses Society.

Carlos Fernandes CargaleiroCarlos Fernandes Cargaleiro, UK
Carlos Fernandes Cargaleiro graduated as a nurse in 1993. Carlos has an MSc in Medical-Surgical Nursing, a postgraduate specialisation in Medical-Surgical Nursing and a postgraduate qualification in Intensive Care Nursing. He has been working in the UK since 2011. For six years, he worked in an oncologic only critical care unit in a dedicated cancer centre in London, where he was one of the staff team leaders. Since 2017, Carlos has been working as a Nurse Practitioner, working as a member of the extended surgical team for low gastrointestinal surgery in a London university hospital, seeing patients in the ward and providing a clinical plan for treatment. Carlos also participates in the 2WW list telephone assessment clinic, when on a weekly basis he assesses patients referred by local general practices and he recommends further investigations to exclude bowel cancer. Carlos attended the ESO-EONS Masterclass in Oncology Nursing in 2014.

Maria DiasMaria Dias
Maria has worked as a nurse at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology, in Oporto, since 2010 and at the Health Line, a phone service in Portugal, doing medical triage since 2014. She holds an MSc in Medical Informatics: her master’s dissertation was ‘Support telephone system to colorectal patients in treatment and follow up’. She is training to be a specialist nurse in community nursing and holds a specialisation in forensic medicine. She attended the 7th ESO-EONS Masterclass in Oncology Nursing.

Nieves GilNieves Gil, Spain
Nieves has been working as an oncology nurse since 1996 in various medical oncology departments, mainly administering chemotherapy treatments. A Master in Oncology Nursing since 2010, she is currently part of the Board of the Spanish Society of Oncology Nursing (SEEO) and of the Editorial Board of Oncology Nursing, the official journal of the SEEO. She holds a postgraduate diploma as a University Expert in Bioethics Applied in Clinical and Assistance Area since 2017. She is also a Senior Training Tutor on nursing practice for undergraduate students in an Oncohematologic Day Hospital.

Stylianos KatsaragakisStylianos Katsaragakis, Greece
Stylianos Katsaragakis is a lecturer at the Nursing Faculty of the University of Peloponnese. He holds an MSc in Clinical Nursing and his PhD thesis was the comparison of the perceptions of quality of life between lung cancer patients and their partners. He has worked in cancer nursing and palliative care. He has a strong interest in advanced nursing practice in cancer and palliative care. He is a member of the Hellenic Cancer Nurses Society.

Helen OswaldHelen Oswald, UK
Helen Oswald is EONS Communication Manager. She is responsible for overseeing the EONS website, magazine, newsletter and social media.

Mary TanayMary Tanay, UK
Mary’s cancer nursing experience spans over 16 years spent in various surgical and medical oncology settings. For several years, she was lead research nurse at the Royal Marsden Hospital where she spearheaded research activities and managed the unit research team. She supported patients who participated in studies that explored supportive therapies, IMRT, chemotherapy and targeted cancer agents including gene therapy. After receiving her MSc in Nursing Research at the Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing, she joined the King’s College London faculty in 2011 as a lecturer. Mary holds a PGCert in Healthcare Education and is also a Fellow of the UK HEA. Her research interests include patient experience, survivorship and supportive care in cancer, with a particular focus on chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy. (Twitter: @MerryTea)

Sara Torcato ParreiraSara Torcato Parreira, Portugal
Sara Torcato Parreira is a specialist oncology nurse, with an MSc in oncology nursing, working at the Oncology Day Unit at CUF Infante Santo Hospital, in Lisbon, Portugal. She holds post-graduate degrees in community nursing and in nursing management. She is currently a non-executive EONS Board Member, representing European Young Cancer Nurses. She is an active member of her national society (AEOP) and is also a volunteer in a Portuguese NGO that supports oncology nutrition. She is interested in raising awareness about the value of cancer nursing and in developing a broad nursing community.

Joanna TsatsouJoanna Tsatsou, Greece
Joanna has been working as a clinical cancer nurse since 2010, on an oncology- hematology ward in a general hospital. She is also a clinical educator for the new nurses in her hospital and her ward. She holds an MSc in Palliative and Supportive Care and over the years obtained specialisations on internal medicine, flight nursing, breast cancer nursing, healthcare management, special education and teaching. She has attended the 7th ESO-EONS MON, the 4th EONS Research Proposal Workshop and the EONS Social Media Workshop. Moreover, she is a board member (secretariat) of the Hellenic Oncology Nurses Society-Hellenic Nurses Association, and also the manager of the social media accounts and the Young Cancer Nurses Team of the society. Her research interests are sexuality and cancer, survivorship, AYAs and patient education. You can follow Joanna on Twitter: @JoannaTsatsou, and connect at LinkedIn: Joanna Tsatsou.

Charlotte WestonCharlotte Weston, UK
Charlotte Weston is a registered nurse previously working as Lead Nurse and Clinical Nurse Specialist in oncology at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, London. She has a strong interest in service design, developing efficient pathways for patients at diagnosis, through treatment and survivorship. She is actively involved with ‘Casting for Recovery’ a charity providing holistic weekend retreats for women who have been affected by breast cancer. She has an MSc in Advanced Practice (Leadership) at King’s College London. You can follow Charlotte on Twitter: @lottieweston and connect at LinkedIn: Charlotte Weston.