EONS11 Symposium 2

Symposium 2: “Squaring the Triangle: Meeting the needs of patients, carers, cancer nurses and oncologists throughout treatment and care of the patient” at #EONS11C4C!

Poster for symposium 2 - details are in the text of this page

Date and venue

Saturday 20 October 2018, 13:00-14:30
Hall B4 - Room 24, Messe Munich

Reasons to participate:

  1. To raise awareness of challenges carers face when looking after relatives and friends during cancer care.
  2. To initiate a conversation with oncology society members about need to support carers in cancer care.
  3. To outline types of available support carers themselves may often need.

Register at bit.ly/2MGtXlv.

Join the conversation and stay tuned using the hashtags #ESMO18, #EONS11, #EONS11C4C & #EmbracingCarers.

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