EONS11 Symposium 6

Symposium 6: ‘“target” 2018 Launch of the Updated Interactive Education Course on Targeted Therapies‘ at #EONS11Target.

Poster for symposium 6 - details are in the text of this page

Date and venue

Sunday 21 October 2018, 13:00-14:30
Hall B4 - Room 24, Messe Munich

Reasons to participate:

  1. To learn about each learning module showing the principles of the targeted therapies and the possibilities for knowledge transfer in daily clinical practice.
  2. To discover aspects of nursing care with issues about the drugs, the management of side effects and the increasing need of patient education on various issues.
  3. To stay updated about the target 2018 education project from various cancer nursing oncology societies and work settings across Europe.

Register at bit.ly/2MGtXlv.

Join the conversation and stay tuned using the hashtags #ESMO18, #EONS11 & #EONS11Target.

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