EONS Education Day - Tallinn, Estonia, 18 May

EONS Education Day in Clinical Cancer Nursing - 18 May 2017
(In collaboration with The Estonian Cancer Nursing Society)

The EONS Board held a special Education Day in Tallinn on Thursday 18 May, 2017.

This was preceded by a Clinical Visit to the Tartu University Hospital Cancer Centre by several members of the EONS Board, hosted by Heleri Roosmäe and Lemme-Liis Aruväli, Board members of the Estonian Society. They showed the EONS Board members around the newly opened oncology units, where they met with nurses and managers from a variety of cancer care settings who very generously shared their experiences.

The event formed part of the launch of the 1st European Cancer Nursing Day. During the Education Day, EONS Board members gave presentations on various important oncology nursing topics. A round-table discussion followed later in the day.

EONS President Danny Kelly said: “EONS is working closely with the Estonian Cancer Nursing Society to support Estonian cancer nurses. This was a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know our colleagues in Estonia better and to share knowledge and experience together. It was a memorable and extremely worthwhile occasion and we would like to thank our hosts in Estonia for making us so welcome.”

The event was also highly appreciated by the Estonian cancer nurses. Kristiina Karp, Past President of the Estonian Oncology Nursing Society, highlighted the value of this Education Day in a short testimony, available in the Further Information section.

The programme from the EONS Education Day is available in the Further Information section of this page.

Video recordings

The sessions from the day were recorded and are now available to view.
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Standing room only!
Standing room only!

It’s all about compassionate care
It’s all about compassionate care

Members of the Estonian Society
Members of the Estonian Society