Society Focus - December 2012
Association Française des Infirmier(e)s de Cancérologie (AFIC)

French Oncology Nurses’ Society
Pascale Dielenseger, President

French Oncology Nurses’ Society

AFIC was created in 1981 by nurses concerned with improving oncology nursing and oncology nursing specialization. This society is represented by 12 board members, all working in the area of oncology, and has approximately 200 members.

Its aims are to build a workforce of nurses interested in oncology, participate in the development and promotion of knowledge, help to share professional experience, participate in continuous education, and develop initiatives with other oncology professional societies.

AFIC is a member of the National Council of Oncology and works with the French National Cancer Institute and other governmental authorities who share similar aims.

The national congress was established 16 years ago and takes place in Paris in mid-March. 800 nurses from France and other French-speaking countries love to attend and share their professional experience.

AFIC also organizes regional congresses and educational activities, as well as participating in a number of national and international oncology congresses.

It has been an EONS member since 1985, and has taken part in numerous EONS initiatives such as TITAN, Action on Fatigue and TARGET, as well as workshops such as one on the development of a post-basic curriculum in cancer nursing and the recent one on extravasation.

Today, the main working objective of AFIC members is to set up master degrees for oncology nursing in France and to create new job roles for oncology nurses.