Society Focus - January 2014
Hungarian Cancer Society - Nursing Section

Logo of the Hungarian Cancer Society - Nursing Section

Hungary’s oncology nursing society is a section of the larger Hungarian Cancer Society. The Nursing Section was re-launched in its present form in November 2007, at an event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Cancer Society. The launch of the Nursing Section was honoured by the presence of Dr Jan Foubert, a former President of EONS. Dr Foubert was a valuable source of support and advice for the newly founded Nursing Section. Just a month after the Section was re-founded, we were very proud to become a national member of EONS. We appreciate Dr Foubert’s efforts in helping us to prepare for this.

Being part of a larger society means that we are already used to extensive cooperation with other cancer professionals such as doctors and specialists.

Since our relaunch in 2007, we have grown from 70 to over 240 members, all specialist nurses.

Every year we host our own oncology conference to educate our members on the latest developments in the field. The conference takes place in a different Hungarian city each time and is always hosted by the region’s Oncological Centre. The host centre has the opportunity to share their experience and their professional work methodology with conference participants.

Those conferences are important not just for education but also for improving people’s personal contacts and helping to develop the professional team work within the Society.The leaders of the Section are re-elected during those conferences.

This year was the 30th Conference of the Hungarian Cancer Society and during the conference we elected its new leadership team. One of the most important roles of the leadership team is to follow the activity of the Society year by year to see if it meets professional expectations and standards . We feel that learning both on the job and in an educational environment - such as work-shops, poster sections during the conferences - are important to understand the requirements of our job.

The outgoing president was Ms Gabriella Puskás (Oncoradiology Center Uzsoki Hospital - Budapest), and the recently elected president is Ms Márta Szalai (National Institute for Oncology - Budapest). There are seven more members of the leadership team.

The website of the Society is

The international contact is Ms Orsolya Heinczinger:

Pictures from recent events

Picture from the Hungarian Cancer Society - Nursing Section

Picture from the Hungarian Cancer Society - Nursing Section

Picture from the Hungarian Cancer Society - Nursing Section