Society focus - August 2012
Irish Association for Nurses in Oncology

Irish Association for Nurses in Oncology committee
The IANO National Executive Committe

The Irish Association for Nurses in Oncology (IANO) was established in 1982. The IANO is a not for profit organization, that promotes continuing nurse education and provides a forum for exchange of information for members of the cancer nursing specialty in Ireland. We currently have over 200 members. Our President is Dr. Patricia Fox, who is a lecturer and programme coordinator of the Graduate Diploma in Cancer Nursing, at University College Dublin. We have a national executive committee of ten members, with five of those members representing our five regional networks nationwide. We hold our annual national conference every April which enables us to update our members on recent national and international developments in cancer care. This event also provides a great opportunity for our members to meet and network with colleagues from other parts of Ireland. This year, we celebrated our 30 year anniversary and we were very privileged to have the Association‘s founding president, Margaret Mc Menamon attend our AGM and conference.

A current IANO strategy that may be of interest to EONS members is an affiliation project which is currently underway. In 2011, the IANO determined that there were potential significant benefits in having closer co-operation and an affiliation between the IANO and the other sub-specialty cancer nursing associations in Ireland. These associations represent lung, breast, colorectal and gynecological cancer specialties and also a research oncology nursing association. One of the main aims of this affiliation process is to establish a national network of cancer nursing professionals and to have a greater ‘One voice’ in the field of Cancer Nursing in Ireland. Other aims include identifying and sharing information and perspectives on current and emerging issues of relevance and concern to the specialty and to provide a forum for the promotion and provision of education relevant to the profession as a whole with particular emphasis on sharing expertise and good practice in Cancer Nursing. We hope to structure this affiliation using a similar model to the ONS by establishing Special Interest Groups (SIGs). This project is an evolving process but We do hope to launch this affiliation later this year.

Eileen O’Donovan, National Secretary IANO