Society Focus - February 2013
Associação de Enfermagem Oncológica Portuguesa (AEOP) /
Portuguese Association of Oncology Nursing

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The AEOP (Associação de Enfermagem Oncológica Portuguesa / Portuguese Association of Oncology Nursing), founded in 2007, is dedicated to the development of nursing in Portugal, with research and education in oncology.

  • Our vision: Developing scientific activities with nurses working in oncology and updating knowledge based on scientific evidence, with a patient-oriented perspective.
  • Our mission: To promote the development of Portuguese oncology nursing.
  • Our strategic plan: To promote the development of oncology nursing focused on the dissemination of relevant information, research and educational projects in their various oncology specialties.
  • Research: AEOP has developed, in partnership with other organizations, research studies in oncology and research evidence-based practice.
  • Education: AEOP develops educational projects both individually and in partnership with EONS; also produces and edits books and other publications about oncology, to provide information for both patients and nurses. AEOP also delivers educational projects to medical professionals and works with schools to promote healthy habits and give information on how to prevent cancer.
  • Communication: AEOP contributes to the scientific journal OncoNews with institutional information, news and publishing of scientific articles. We also use our website as a communication platform:, with an average of 1300 visitors monthly.
  • Workgroups: Groups work on specific areas with the purpose of fostering discussion of clinical practice and the definition of educational and investigation projects.

The AEOP has 450 members from the north to the south of Portugal. Based in Porto, its current President is Cristina Lacerda and the Vice President is Jorge Freitas (the past President of the Association).

AEOP Committee

There is also a partnership with other professional organizations and patients in Portugal organizations as well as the EONS and recently with ISNCC.

The “Annual meeting” is open to all members and everyone who is interested on oncology. AEOP also participates in other Oncology meetings in partnership with other medical organizations.

If you’d like to know more, you can contact us on