Society focus - September 2012
Sociedad Española de Enfermeria Oncologia (SEEO)
The Spanish Oncology Nursing Society

SEEO Committee

The SEEO Committe

The Spanish Oncology Nursing Society (SEEO) established in 1985 as a nonprofit organization. We want to group different oncology nurses nationwide and provide an environment to promote the exchange of communication, define the competences of the specialized oncology nursing, support research or work with patients to improve quality of care. Since its foundation the number of partners has increased and now we have about 400 members. The current Executive Board consists of M Concepción Reñones Crego as president and nine professionals from various regions.

To promote professional meeting, communication, and further develop the knowledge of oncology nursing, SEEO holds an annual national event alternating short meetings and congresses. This year we had a monographic convention in May about the patient’s safety and we are currently preparing the next national congress to be held in May 2013 in Zaragoza whose motto is “Cancer, expanding the horizon of care”. We have also organized and participated in various training courses for oncology nursing.

We publish a free journal for members four times a year to enhance scientific research and production for oncology nurses. We also have a website where in addition to the magazines, you can see the presentations at conferences, news or clinical practice guidelines. We have several working groups as day hospitals, radiotherapy or paediatrics, and also have an open discussion forum for oncology nurses.

In the national political agenda we maintain close links with the Ministry of Health and have an active role in various projects involving both professional accreditation as the development of quality standards and recommendations and clinical practice guidelines. We want to ensure that the society is the benchmark to represent cancer nursing and seek the recognition of the importance of specialized care although the current political, economic and even academic events are having a negative impact on the development of our profession.

In recent years we have increased contacts with other professional associations related to oncology and cancer patient groups also carrying out joint projects. The idea is that by working together we can implement the changes necessary to achieve improved clinical practice and patient’s quality care.

This year we are developing a project in collaboration with the Spanish Oncology Medical Society and Spanish Cancer Patients Group called Cancer Long Term Survivorship Integrated Care Plan. We are working with representatives in groups such as the multidisciplinary approach, the research, the citizen participation, the professional training and care coordination.


Ma Concepción Reñones Crego
President of SEEO

Sociedad Española de Enfermeria Oncologia - the Spanish Oncology Nursing Society