Society Focus - June 2013
Swedish Cancer Nurses Society

Logo of the Swedish Cancer Nurses Society

Camilla Hultberg, President of the Swedish Cancer Nurses SocietyThe Swedish society had around 800 paying members at the end of 2012. At the society’s annual meeting on the 14th May a new president - Camilla Hultberg (pictured right) was elected for two years. Including the president and the treasurer, the board has seven members. Six networks are linked to the society and can apply for funding for their activities.

Our society has its own journal, which comes out 6 times a year. It mirrors the topical issues within cancer care, especially at a national level. The society has its own website - - which has about 5500 visits yearly, plus a Facebook site to make it easier to communicate with members or other stakeholders within cancer care. Applications for our grants and notifications about conferences and training days can be accessed via our website.

In recent years the auditing of national clinical protocols/referrals has increased and we have developed templates to better facilitate the work of the audits. The society spends much time on reviews and answers various referrals from stakeholders and agencies within cancer care. Our society collaborates with other national professional societies and the Nordic countries have a cooperation group with representatives from Norway, Denmark, Island and the Faroe Islands as well as Sweden.

Camilla Hultberg was elected President of the Swedish society in May 2013 for two years. You can contact her on