Society focus - November 2012
The Swiss Oncology Nursing Society

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The Swiss Oncology Nursing Society (SONS) has been since 2002 an independent professional organization for oncology nurses and other professionals caring for people with cancer and/or being engaged in prevention and early detection of cancer. In summer 2012 SONS had 1,069 members. Irène Bachmann-Mettler is the current president of SONS. Together with the 8 members of the trilingual executive committee and a general secretary she is responsible for the current activities and the future development of SONS.

The overall goal of SONS is to actively contribute to a continuous improvement of oncology nursing in all phases of the disease (prevention and early detection / diagnosis / curative and palliative care / care until and after death) for patients and their families.

SONS has defined several strategic goals:

  • Influencing the development of quality of nursing care and education through developing national standards and guidelines and recommendations for nursing education.
  • Organisation of continuous education offers.
  • Enhancing exchanges between nurses and nursing experts through journal club and direct exchanges.
  • Collaboration on national projects in cancer care such as the national cancer plan 2011-2015.
  • Collaboration and active participation in organisations focusing developments in cancer care (e.g. Swiss Cancer League, EONS).

To attain these strategic goals SONS conducts a large variety of activities. Amongst others they:

In 2012 some of SONS’s main activities have been linked to the Swiss National Cancer Plan for 2011-2015. Together with the Academic Society of Oncology Nursing a national survey was conducted to describe the current research projects in oncology nursing. Results are available in the French and German languages ( In collaboration with the Swiss Society for Medical Oncology, materials and projects to support adherence with oral therapies were further developed (

The website of the Swiss Oncology Nursing Society can be found at:

You can also email the general address:

Irène Bachmann-Mettler, President of SONS
Manuela Eicher, President of the Swiss Academic Society of Oncology Nursing