Society Focus - January 2013
United Kingdom Oncology Nursing Society (UKONS)

United Kingdom Oncology Nursing Society

The UK Oncology Nursing Society (UKONS) mission is Inspiring Cancer Nursing. UKONS was launched in 2006 as a forum for all nurses - strategists, educationalists, researchers and those in clinical practice - not only to come together to share, learn and influence but also to link with our colleagues in other countries to work collaboratively. UKONS currently has a membership of almost 1000 and operates with a board of 15 representatives from the four home countries of the UK (Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland). Our current President, Natalie Doyle, took office at our 2012 Conference in October for a two year term of office. Our President-Elect is Catherine Oakley.

In response to the needs of our membership, the evolving clinical developments in cancer care and the innovative and evolving roles of cancer nurses within the UK, we have completed a variety of projects to support practice and role development. A number of these projects have been implemented into practice throughout the UK, and include: The UKONS 24 hour triage tool for acute oncology, which has led to regional ‘train the trainers’ sessions to facilitate its implementation. Also position statements on oral chemotherapy and nurse-led chemotherapy review clinics, a Holistic Needs Assessment blended learning package and the UKONS Acute Oncology Prevention & Management Guidelines for Chemotherapy Induced Nausea & Vomiting. For more information about the above resources please go to Access may be restricted to members only, however UKONS membership is currently free of charge.

UKONS works in partnership with a number of other organisations and has links with the peer reviewed journals Cancer Nursing Practice and the British Journal of Nursing.

For more information with regards to UKONS please contact