European organisations

+  Cancer World

Cancer World is published by the European School of Oncology. It gives a voice to cancer professionals and patients and offers insight into the decisions that shape cancer care. It comes out six times a year.

+  ESMO Patient Guides

ESMO has created a series of Patient Guides to improve patients’ understanding of different types of cancer and empower them in their decision-making.

Both ESMO and EONS understand that nurses often carry out the vital job of talking to patients after their initial talk with the physician who is treating them. Nurses also keep lines of communication open during cancer therapy. The Patient Guides can be used by nurses as supporting documents when caring for cancer patients.

EONS is involved in reviewing the newer Patient Guides with expert nurses participating by invitation to evaluate the content.

Topics which have been reviewed are:

  • Gliomas
  • NH Lymphoma (Follicular)
  • Squamous Cell Head & Neck
  • Soft tissue Sarcomas

A number of Patient Guides have already been published and are available on the ESMO website.

+  View the patient guides

+  Human medicines highlights

This newsletter is addressed to patients, consumers and healthcare professionals. It provides a monthly update on key information on human medicines produced and published by the European Medicines Agency. The newsletter is published at the end of each month.


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