EONS Endorsement

An endorsement is an official statement of support from EONS for a particular educational event. The endorsement states that EONS supports the intended aims of the event.

Commercial organisations such as pharmaceutical companies will be charged EUR 500 to apply for EONS endorsement. If your organisation is a non-profit, the endorsement process is free of charge. The process of applying for endorsement is the same for all organisations:

  • fill in the online application form with details of your educational event
  • attach a copy of the programme for the event at the end of the application form. (If this isn’t available in English, please provide a translation.)

The EONS Education Working Group will assess your application for endorsement and respond to you within a month of receipt of your application.

While awaiting assessment of your application, you may be asked to respond to follow-up queries from the endorsement panel. If your organisation is commercial, you will also receive an invoice for EUR 500 from the EONS Secretariat during this time.

+  Complete the application form