Clinical practice guidelines and recommendations

Breakthrough Cancer Pain (BCTP)

Breakthrough pain is a source of intense discomfort for cancer patients, but it tends to be under-recognised and not treated as well as it could be. The EONS Breakthrough Cancer Pain Initiative is a nurse-led project designed to help oncology nurses identify and manage breakthrough pain.

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Extravasation Guidelines

These guidelines were developed jointly by EONS and the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO). Extravasation in a cancer treatment context means the leaking of chemotherapy drugs into the tissue surrounding the site where the drugs are administered. EONS and ESMO have worked together to produce clinical guidelines on preventing, diagnosing and managing extravasations. These guidelines were published in 2012 and are due to be updated later in 2018.

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Fungating wounds

Malignant infiltration of the skin from cancer can lead to chronic local changes in some patients, varying from small nodules to large ulcerations of the skin. Ulcerating and fungating wounds are rare but distressing, not only for the patient, but for caregivers and medical professionals as well.

Patients report that malodour (bad smell) is one of the most distressing symptoms of a fungating wound. Examples of good practice have been developed in various institutions (across various countries) but this information has not yet been widely shared.

In August 2015 EONS launched a set of Recommendations for Fungating Wounds. These guidelines bring together examples of best practice and provides oncology nurses with the most up-to-date information on fungating wounds for use in their clinical practice.

EONS Recommendations for Fungating Wounds was drafted by:

  • Dr. Sebastian Probst, DClinPrac, RN
  • Dr. Patricia Grocott, BSc PhD DipN (Lon) RGN
  • Dr. Tanya Graham, PhD
  • Dr. Georgina Gethin, PhD, RGN, HE Dip Wound Care, Dip. Anatomy, Dip. Applied Physiology.

The document has been reviewed by the EONS Education Working Group before publication.

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European Oral Care in Cancer Group - Oral Care Guidance and Support

This guidance will assist in both planning and implementing oral care thereby preventing or reducing the severity of the side effects of cancer and its treatment.

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Helping to develop multidisciplinary guidelines

EONS is represented on ECCO’s Multidisciplinary Clinical Guidelines Forum, providing a nurse perspective in the development of guidance for cancer care teams. This Forum has published a set of quality criteria as a paper in EANO Magazine and has received positive coverage in the medical press