Education - an overview

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EONS is helping cancer nurses across Europe develop their professional skills and knowledge. As part of our mission statement as well as one pillar of the CARE strategy, education takes a lead position in clinical practice. Education is an active, continually changing field in oncology nursing. EONS approaches this through various channels and projects.

EONS educational initiatives, and the information we make available for download from this website, can help to bring about an improvement in the standard of patient care, by empowering nurses to make better decisions and play a vital role in multiprofessional teams.

EONS provides these services through the EONS Cancer Nursing Education Framework and other educational initiatives. EONS is also working towards increasing the number of practice recommendations and tools for guideline development and implementation. Special courses are offered in a multiprofessional setting such as the ESO/EONS Masterclass and the ESO e-sessions. Continuing education away from home or work is increasingly difficult. The Education Working Group is aiming to give our members the best possible online information services and courses. This is now in development.

“Education is the key to success” and EONS is continually working on this to help keep our members active, up to date and giving the best possible care in their work settings and countries.