EONS develops free Prostate Cancer App to help meet the needs of prostate cancer patients

The current scene regarding the nursing management and fulfillment of the supportive care needs of prostate cancer patients across Europe is characterised by a lack of an official consensus on best practice, limited research evidence into the training needs of nurses and doctors, and amongst patients themselves concerning their expectations and needs for supportive care.

The European Oncology Nursing Society initiated a project aiming to address the clinical challenge that nurses working with people diagnosed with prostate cancer face. This project was developed through three phases.

  • The first phase of research, completed in 2010, surveyed nurses and young oncologists and urologists: online surveys in Denmark, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and the UK examined working practices, skills, confidence, knowledge and education requirements.
  • The second research phase was a survey across these same seven countries amongst men who have had a diagnosis of prostate cancer. The survey was available online and in paper format in October and November 2011 and topline results were made available in 2012. The clinical study into the impact of nursing care on men with prostate cancer was carried out in late 2011 and early 2012. The research was published online in the British Journal of Cancer in September 2013.
  • The third and final phase was led by Erik Van Muilekom and Dr Andreas Charalambous and expert group members Kay Leonard, Cesca Llopis Puigmarti, Giulia Villa, in collaboration with EAUN, represented by Corinne Tillier. This phase included a systematic review in Pubmed, Embace, CINAHL, google scholar, Medline on the Ovid platform and the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials without time limitations.

Following a systematic extraction of data and data synthesis (informed by a consensus process), a mobile application (App) was designed. The application helps cancer nurses assess and address the needs of patients diagnosed with prostate cancer according to the latest evidence-based assessment tools and management interventions. Emphasis was placed on assessing and addressing the needs more frequently reported by patients as being unmet during their care.

The app is now available here

This update has been made possible by a restricted education grant from Amgen and Takeda.