Opportunities for nurse researchers

EONS supports a wide range of activities to support our members in their research-related endeavours. Here you can find some more information about our initiatives such as grants and workshops.

Research Travel Grant

The EONS Research Travel Grant offers two grants of €2,500 each. It is created to give a nurse the opportunity to spend time with an established researcher or research team in another country. Both novice and established researchers will be considered for this grant.

Research Grant

The EONS Research Grant is designed to allow a nurse researcher to carry out a significant project. The recipient of the grant must be a European oncology nurse researcher, qualified to at least masters’ degree level. The grant was created to fund a substantial research project which will have an impact on clinical practice in at least one European country.

Novice Research Dissemination Award

This award was launched to encourage oncology nurses to disseminate their research by presenting it. It is an initiative aimed at nurses with no previous experience of presenting research at an international conference.

Research Proposal Workshop

This Workshop is designed for oncology nurses who have identified an issue related to their clinical practice and would like to investigate it by carrying out a research project. The EONS Workshop helps nurses to build the confidence and skills they need to put together a proposal for their research project, which can then be used to apply for funding.

Workshop for PhD Students

This exciting EONS Research Workshop is designed for oncology nurses who are at any stage of their doctoral studies and who would like to network with other PhD students and improve their knowledge, confidence and expertise in oncology nursing research, as applied to their PhD.

Royal Marsden/EONS Change Champions Grant

In partnership with the The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, The Change Champions Grant supports individual nurses who want to achieve significant, positive change in clinical practice, nurse education or management in their work.

Useful resources

Some useful information for novice and experienced researchers. The Research Working Group has also put together some suggested “useful resources” which we hope will help you in your research-related endeavours.