Research partnership with EONS

Who are we?

We are the European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS). We are the largest Cancer Nursing organisation in Europe, having more than 22,000 members across 32 countries.

What do we do?

EONS was founded as a charity in 1984 to represent the largest group of health care professionals working in cancer care, i.e. nurses. We believe that nurses play a key role in all aspects of cancer care, including screening, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and end of life, providing an in-depth perspective on patients’ needs and experiences across the cancer journey. Our mission is to develop and promote excellence in cancer nursing practice through education, research, leadership and support to cancer nurses across Europe.

Why do research with us?

EONS is a highly professional and respected organisation with strategic partners across other key disciplines in oncology, as well with International cancer nursing organizations in the USA, Canada, Asia and Australia. As a pan-European network of cancer nurses and cancer nursing societies, we are uniquely positioned to facilitate the development, conduct and implementation of research into all aspects of cancer care.

Research is one of the four pillars of the EONS CARE strategy – Communication, Advocacy, Research and Education. As such, we play a major role in supporting and preparing clinical nurses to engage in research, conduct research studies, present research findings and apply research into practice.

Our research relates to topics of crucial importance to improving patient experiences and outcomes and to addressing current needs. We have funded cancer nurses to undertake robust research into symptom management, nursing interventions, psychosocial care, and organizational aspects of care to name but a few.

Our members have access to clinical and research settings in a large variety of care contexts. This allows us to conduct large-scale and impactful studies. We even support our members to disseminate and publish their research in high impact journals and at major national and international conferences.

We strongly believe in research partnerships. Let’s be partners in research.

If you are interested, please contact EONS here.