Research working group

Research Working Group banner

Research WG Members:

  • Dr Wendy Oldenmenger (Chair), The Netherlands
  • Manuela Eicher (Vice-Chair), Switzerland
  • Dr Maria Brovall, Sweden
  • Dr Melanie Charambous, Cyprus
  • Dr Amanda Drury, Ireland
  • Dr Nikolaos Efstathiou, UK
  • Dr Carole Farrell, UK
  • Dr Paz Fernandez-Ortega, Spain
  • Dr Grigorios Kotronoulas, UK
  • Prof. Elisabeth Patiraki, Greece
  • Dr Marlies Peters, The Netherlands

Membership of the group lasts for two years, for both Working Group members and Chairs. Membership may be renewed twice. Membership of a Working Group therefore lasts for a maximum of 6 years.


The objectives of the working group are:

  1. To increase research literacy (knowledge, confidence and awareness) in nurses working in clinical practice, across the key areas of critical appraisal, research utilisation and dissemination.
  2. To build capacity and provide opportunities for nurses to learn, network and develop research skills and experience
  3. To influence strategic priorities and funding, in order to promote person-centred cancer research
  4. To generate research evidence that will have a sustainable impact on clinical practice.

We look forward to exploring and developing opportunities for EONS to enhance its profile as an organisation that supports evidence based cancer nursing through the development and implementation of research into practice.